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Terms of Rent


  1. No license is required to user boat with engine power up to 30 Hp.
    To rent a boat you must be 18 years old and to be able to swim.
  2. You must not drive under the influence of alchool or drugs.
  3. You can not sail if the weather conditions are bad as well as before the sunrise or after the
    sunset the rental time is from 9.00 in the morning until 17.00 in afternoon.
  4. You have to keep a distance at least 200m from the coast, swimmers, buoys, when you
    sail with high speed.
  5. Keep a distance at least 50m from the other boats.
  6. When you are closer than 200 m from the coast, swimmers, buoys, your max speed has to
    be less than 5 knots/hour.
  7. Departure and return to the coast must be done with a speed less than 5 knots/hour
  8. You can be more people than you have booked.
  9. You must follow the instructions of our
    staff throughout the rental time.
  10. You are not allowed to move away from the limits.

Boats are insured for third part only.
It means that if you make any damage to the boat or to the engine by yourself, you have to
pay for it.

You pay for your boat at the beginning of your boat trip.
You pay for the gas you will use at the end of your boat trip.
On the day of the rental please bring with you an I D or PASSPORT.

If you wish to reserve a boat, you must pay the full amount of the rental by our available
payment methods.

When wind is over 5 bf it is not possible to rent a boat.

In case of bad weather we give you the opportunity to choose another day for your boat
trip. If this is not possible, we refund you the paid amount.
If you cancel up to 24 hours before your reservation you will receive the full amount of the
payment. The company can cancel the boat rental in case of the boat has a damage and
therefore it is not available, and reschedule it for another day or get your money back.